Photographer: Michael Banks


Natalie lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is a native of Michigan and graduated from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, (UIUC), earning her MFA in Costume Design. 

She began her theatre career in performance at Central Michigan University. During this time, she also worked in the costume shop. While working behind the scenes, Natalie discovered she could combine her interests in fine arts and character studies through Costume Design.

As a result of her performance background, Natalie studies theatrical works from an actor's perspective by building character first.

In addition to designing for theatre, Natalie has also had the opportunity to explore design for opera, dance, film, online gaming and living window displays. She enjoys the variety in designing for new works, alternative performance art pieces and of course, traditional theatre.

If Natalie were not designing and won the lottery, she would buy a vacation home in Traverse City, write her own book, regularly take tap dance classes, and travel the world to paint interesting people and landscapes with her husband, love of her life, Jess Prichard.